About me

Through this blog of mine,I will teach my readers /viewers : reading,writing,listening and speaking in french through videos , images and audio that will help stimulate their imagination and bring out the creativity in them.

Through my blog ,you will start memorizing core french words,form sentences,learn to speak french phrases and take part in conversation.My blog will improve your vocabulary,grammar,writing skills,reading skills,listening skills ,translation skills and most importantly pronunciation,like no other learning method.I will also give a little information about the french literature,art and culture and also about the prominent french writers.

Beginner or advanced learner,traveller or business professional with a tight schedule?There is something for everyone in my blog.

often i have heard that the people who learn french experience problems in pronouncing french words correctly even after hearing the voice of a native french speaker.As you all know this problem occurs because native French speakers speak very fast and it is very difficult to catch hold of the pace at which they speak for a person who is just learning french and is from a non french speaking country.

So to solve this problem of french learners I will discuss news,french grammar,french vocabulary,french expressions at a slow pace so that you can understand almost every word and sentence that i speak very clearly.

What i do?

1) I can teach french to beginners and advanced level students but they have to come at my place to study

2)I can write articles,essays etc.

3)I can translate from french to english and english to french.

4)I can create websites,translate them from english to french and french to english.

2 thoughts on “About me”

    1. My pleasure😀😄your encouraging words will encourage me to post more useful and informative content on my blog.😀

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