Best TV shows to learn French quickly

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Watch this TV show to learn French quickly. #Repost @francais.facile_online 🔊🔉liked this video? Follow @Francais.facile_online to stay up to date and watch more of these helpful videos🕩🕪 . . . 🇫🇷 #animationfrancaise du jour – Pas un mot, pas un geste, c’est une descente! Personne ne bouge… Les jambes en l’air! Les mains! Pas les jambes, les mains en l’air! Oh oui. Les mains en l’air! Salut Nico, Salut Sam… Comment sais-tu que c’est nous? Oh rien, je devine…c’est tout. Génial! C’est les Champs-Élysées un samedi soir, ici! Il se passe beaucoup trop de choses dans cet appartement. Des coups de téléphone bizarres… des noms farfelus et maintenant le FBI! Sacha-bichette, des messages pour moi? Oh ne commence pas, hein! Je suis qui moi? Ta secrétaire? Tu n’habites pas ici…ce n’est pas ton appartement! Je ne peux jamais être seule chez moi! Mais on m’a coupé ma ligne de téléphone! Ça n’est pas mon problème. Tu n’as qu’à payer tes factures! Sam, tu n’habites plus ici…. Alors tu frappes avant d’entrer! Et maintenant j’aimerais bien qu’on me laisse tranquille!🇫🇷 . . Nom de la serie: extra . . 🇺🇸 #frenchtoons of the Day – Not a word, not a gesture, it's a descent! Nobody moves … legs in the air! Hands! Not legs, hands up! Oh yes. Hands in the air! Hi Nico, Hi Sam … How do you know it's us? Oh nothing, I guess … that's all. Awesome! It's the Champs-Élysées on a Saturday night, here! There is far too much going on in this apartment. Weird phone calls … wacky names and now the FBI! Sacha-bichette, messages for me? Oh do not start, huh! Who am I? Your secretary? You do not live here … it's not your apartment! I can never be alone at home! But they cut my phone line! That's not my problem. You just have to pay your bills! Sam, you do not live here anymore … So you hit before enter 🇺🇸 . Series name: extra . Share this video with someone who needs to learn french! #swatifrenchconnect #France #Paris #FrenchQuiz #TEF #TCF #FrenchLesson #StudyTime #FrenchStudent #StudyFrench #Studygram #FrenchLovers #LearnLanguage #CoursDeFrançais #FrenchVerb #VerbeFrançais #ExamenDelfAvecRavia #ExamenDalfAvecRAvia #languagetoons #boiteaufle #frenchgrammarisfun

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Do you want to learn French in an easy way through cartoons? #Repost @french.toons • • • • • • Learn French : 🇫🇷 C'est vraiment magnifique ce que vous jouez. Comment ça s'appelle ? 🇺🇸 That was beautiful. What’s it called? . Follow our friend @learning_french_images . . #LanguageToons #FrenchToons #LesSimpsons #swatifrenchconnect #apprendrefrançais #apprendrefrancais #french #learnfrench #AFDelhi #français #francophonie #englishfrench #frenchenglish #boiteaufle#frenchshortstories #acupoffrench #frenchsunnyside #frenchgrammarisfun #françaisfacile #motdujour #apprendreensamusant #frenchpod101 #letsspeakfrench #parlerfrançais #traductrice #frenchwords #phrasedujour #institutrice #lfwa

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#Repost @francais.facile_online • • • • • • 🔊🔉liked this video? Follow @Francais.facile_online to stay up to date and watch more of these helpful videos🕩🕪 . . . 🇫🇷 #animationfrancaise du jour – Et dis, tu as vu Xavier et Julie hier soir ? Comme ils sont mal assortis ! Lui est toujours en costume cravate, avec des chaussures noires vernies, il est très stricte. Il est toujours impeccable avec son pantalon qui tombe parfaitement, alors qu’elle… C’est vrai qu’elle n’est pas classique du tout ! On se demande ce qu’ils font ensemble ! Elle est plutôt en tenue sport, cool, avec des vêtements amples, larges, colorés… Oh, j’adore son blouson à capuche ! Et ses baskets ! Je veux les mêmes ! Alors que lui, rien : c’est sérieux, c’est monotone, c’est d’un sévère ! Excusez‐moi les filles, vous n’en avez pas assez de mettre les gens dans des cases, de les critiquer comme ça, de les juger sur leur apparence. Vous avez regardé votre look à vous ? Jean‐pull‐baskets… Mais toi aussi ! Oui moi aussi, on est tous les trois pareils..🇫🇷 . Nom de la serie: apprentissage français . . 🇺🇸 #frenchtoons of the Day – Tell me, did you see Xavier and Julie last night? As they are badly matched! He's still in a tie suit, with black patent shoes, he is very strict. He is always impeccable with his pants falling perfectly, while… It is true that it is not classic at all! We wonder what they do together! She's pretty sporty, cool, with loose, wide, colorful clothes … Oh, I love his hoodie! And his sneakers! I want the same ! While he is nothing: it's serious, it's monotonous, it's severe! Excuse me girls, you do not have enough to put people in boxes, to criticize them like that, to judge them on their appearance. Did you look at your look? Jean-pull-sn.🇺🇸 . . Series name: apprentissage français . . . Share this video with someone who needs to learn french! . . . . #swatifrenchconnect #France #Paris #FrenchQuiz #TEF #TCF #FrenchLesson #StudyTime #FrenchStudent #StudyFrench #Studygram #FrenchLovers #LearnLanguage #CoursDeFrançais #FrenchVerb #VerbeFrançais #ExamenDelfAvecRavia #ExamenDalfAvecRAvia #boiteaufle @boiteaufle

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Children's book, Education

Bilingual book written by me for teaching French to children

20190111_183103_0001I am very happy and excited to share this great news with all of you that my book “Qui suis-je?” which means “Who am I?” in english has been launched. It is a children’s book for teaching French to them through photos. The uniqueness of this book is that it is in 2 languages-French and English so that it is easier for children to understand. The book is available as an E-book and a hard copy as well. Please take the opportunity to enjoy reading my book quickly. I am sending you the link below

My ebook is also available in another platform that is pothi. Please click on the link below

Hard copy of the book is also available. The link is given below:


Sample of  my book for children


The basic tip on learning french for English speakers

When you name a table, a chair or a house in English,you don’t need to worry about its gender; however in french, every noun has a gender, and you need to know it. In french all nouns will be either masculine or feminine and there is no neutral. There are no real rules of logic to help you decide which article to use. Basically you will have to learn the gender by heart.

Now I will discuss 2 types of articles in french:Definite article and Indefinite article:

Definite Article: French has 4 forms of definite article (Le,La,Les,L’) corresponding to the english article “The”.Usage depends on the gender and number (singular,plural) of the noun. For example:

1)The boy=Le garçon (masculine singular)

2)The girl=La fille (feminine singular)

3)The houses=Les maisons (feminine plural)

4)The boys=Les garçons (masculine plural)

5)the man=L’homme (masculine singular);whether the noun is masculine singular or feminine singular we are going to write L’ if it is followed by a vowel or h muet.

Indefinite articles:

French has 3 forms of indefinite articles (un,une,des) corresponding to the english articles “a/an” and “some”.Usage depends on the gender and number(singular,plural) of the noun. For example:

1)A boy=un garçon (masculine singular)

2)A girl=une fille (feminine singular)

3)Some houses=des maisons (feminine plural)

4)Some boys=des garçons (masculine plural)