Music plays an important role in learning a language.it is the best way of gaining fluency over a language.Please check out this site if you want to enjoy while learning a language. Fresh beats and catchy hooks which they have created make it easier to learn a new language. It becomes very easy for beginners and kids to grasp the language quickly. https://www.bashoandfriends.com/

Here are a few of the biggest reasons why studying French through songs is a big advantage. Songs can:

Boost Your Memory

Probably the biggest benefit to studying a new language through songs is that it helps you remember vocabulary.  It turns out that our brains are hardwired to remember things through song. No wonder jingles remain stuck in your head years after watching a commercial. Music is the ultimate mnemonic device!

Improve Your Comprehension

Many French learners find listening to French a challenge. After all, native French speakers talk really fast. Practising with songs will help bridge that gap and improve your listening comprehension.

Help You Sound Like a Native French Speaker

If you have a hard time getting French speakers to understand what you’re saying, then studying songs can help you master French pronunciation.

Some of the French videos made by BASHO & FRIENDS are

Please check out the links of BASHO AND FRIENDS to learn French quickly through their unique style of teaching through music.






I also tried teaching French through songs to my students. Please listen to my songs. I hope you will enjoy them. Click here to listen to my songs.