Why is the flag Color of France blue-White-red ?

Are you curious to know why the flag color of France is Blue-White-Red ? Then please have a look at the content in the image below.Please follow this Instagram account @boiteaufle for more information related to french language and culture.

Pic credit: @boiteaufle

 English translation of the content written in the above image regarding the flag color of France

Blue… bourgeois
Blue is associated to the mantle of the Virgin, or that of St. Martin, who tears it in two to share it with a poor man at Amiens. In the 14th century, the provost of the Etienne Marcel merchants, in conflict with the royal power, made the blue and red cap (associated color) the sign of belonging of the bourgeois of Paris.

In 1188. while going on crusade, the king Philippe Auguste sports a white banner with a cross of Saint-Georges. White, first associates with holiness. thus binds itself to the monarchy … and to the war. In the fifteenth century, that of Joan of Arc is white, sown with lilies. Henri IV, whose scarf is white, completes making it one of the colors of the monarchy when he ascends the throne in 1589.

In 1124, the Germanic Emperor Henry V threatens Paris. The Capetian king Louis VI  alert his vassals and go to the abbey of Saint-Denis, the red banner of the holy martyr. This standard will be brandished later in case of great danger. Tradition will be repeated in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries as a symbol of revolutionary struggles.

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  1. No entiendo que “lo rasga en dos para compartirlo. “Me costo traducir y no entiendo ésta parte. Muchas gracias.

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