Why I teach French online?

The idea behind teaching French online came from the problems which I experienced when I was learning French in Delhi University. Now before telling my story, let me ask some questions to my readers.

  • • Did you ever learn French from a school, college or institute?
  • • Do you think that in most of the colleges and institutes, more focus is given on grammar, the written part rather than the spoken part?
  • • Do you think that all the time while speaking in French, you keep thinking about the grammar, you keep translating from your native language to the target language?
  • Do you think that the vocabulary, grammar, the tenses, so many rules give you stress because of which you hesitate while speaking in this language.
  • Assuming that all of you must have faced these problems at some point in time, I started teaching French online to solve these problems of French learners. Though I was a topper in French in Kamala Nehru college, Delhi University, I also faced the same problems. I was very good in grammar and written part but still speaking was a problem. I always used to think what is the use of learning a language when I can’t speak in it. Then the next logical step was to explore in this field and after some research I understood that if you want to learn to speak a language fluently, you have to make it interesting first. You must listen and read those topics in French which interests you such as TV shows, movies, favourite restaurants rather than the topics you find boring such as politics, sports and many other. To learn to speak a language fluently, listening and repeating is the best technique. Consider a child who is 2 year old. If you say hello, the child will immediately copy you and say hello. You don’t write the alphabets and teach the child how to say hello. You just say hello, he or she listens to it and repeats after you. After understanding this, An idea cropped up in my mind that I should teach French online in an authentic manner that is the modern method which focusses more on speaking and less of grammar rules, I started teaching grammar in context that is if you are reading an article which interests you, whatever grammar comes in that article, I teach only that. I am in no way undermining the importance of grammar. Grammar is very important to master a language. However how grammar is presented to students is what really matters. Unlike the traditional methods adopted in most of the schools and colleges who are not able to adopt this modern approach because of lack of infrastructure and proper audio equipments, My vision is to adopt the modern methods by teaching French online. Through this online method, I teach French through podcasts, videos, songs, apps and this makes the French language journey of my students become enjoyable and interesting. They are able to catch hold of the language fast and are able to speak French fluently.

I always tell my students, in order to be able to think in French, either talk to your fellow mates in French or if you have nobody with whom you can speak in French, then you should look at yourself in the mirror and speak, speak. And of course recording yourself is the best technique to master a language.

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