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Some more French Vocabulary words, proverbs, phrases which you must know

Please click on the Video links below to gain a better understanding of french language. The videos given below are regarding the pronunciation of French alphabets and most commonly used French phrases.
The uniqueness in my videos is that i am speaking at a slow pace so that my viewers are able to understand each and every word of what i am speaking. I have created these videos keeping in mind that my viewers are from a non French background. I am sure these videos will definitely ease the problems of my viewers.

Learn French alphabets pronunciation
Learn French vocabulary
Basic French expressions
Basic French phrases
Casual conversation openers


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Do you want to learn how to conjugate the french verbs-être and avoir? Are you interested in learning the passé composé and french days of the week, months and seasons? Then please click on these amazing links below to gain a better understanding of french language.





Best TV shows to learn French quickly